It is 3 p.m. local time; our position is 17.58 N/064.20.6 W. Estimate arrival time in Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, V.I. at about 9 p.m.. We have still 36 nm and we do 6 nm/h at the moment.
We left Le Marin, Martinique, France a the 7th March at 11.30 a.m. At about 1p.m. we tried to help another sailboat in trouble near the SW-Cap of Martinique. Because of the high sea and the hard wind we were only able to orgnize the coastguard. We were not able to give them a line.
At 17.40 h we have had radio contact with our Dutch friends on ESCAPADE. Unfortunately we lost contact. May our radio has some problems with the fine tuning. Until Saba Island we have had enough wind and a good speed. Between the islands we have had high seas from the Atlantic. So we were always wet.
Early this morning we went around the Island of Saba to avoid the dangerous seas on the Saba Bank. Now we are running towards our friend Jean Braure in Charlotte Amalie.