Water Island, US-Virgin Islands, day 488
Biking total: 43 days, 1877 km, 13’400 altimeters.
Climbing total: 187 days, 3060 km, 106’700 altimeters.
Sailing total: 258 days, 6928 nm
On Monday 150 All-Saints High School students saw the TOPtoTOP presentation. Then we went with younger students to the art room for the climate solutions worshop.
On Thusday Yanick, Kris, Patrick and Tom from the Sea Chest hardware store sponored all our materials and tools we needed. Budget Marine on St. Thomas sponsored a VHF handhelt radio; – so we felt like Xmas!
The people here on St. Thomas are great: We already got donations which total US 1000.-. To continue our work and to visit schools in Central America and the Andes we need US 5000 or more, because we cannot expect to raise these funds in the poor countries!
On Wednesday Blue Island Divers invited the TOPtoTOP-crew for a dive in the corall-reef. Now we are able to present this wonderful ecosystem in schools.
On Thusday we have had a presentaion in the Montessori School. All children participated on the climate solutions workshop. Girls and boys created fantastic drawings. With pride they explained their solutions to other students and to the TOPtoTOP team. – The results were great!
On Friday the TOPtoTOP team went sailing with Jean Braure’s boat Mumusunset.
On Saturday we got support from Kenrick Williams to fix our VHF radio. We also put the new Swiss flag, which was sponsored from Heimgartner Fahnen AG. In the evening we were invited to a party!
Today, we were 50 people for the TOPtoTOP clean up action on a beach on Water Island. Pathfinders from St. Thomas joined us also to climb the Top of Water Island. On the way back we encountered interesting species. Back at Honey Moon Beach we explained to them, how to build a solar cooker. – We got the information for the solar cooker from our friend Eugen Frunz. We met him just after the start of Swiss TOPtoTOP in February 2003 in Engelberg.
Now we are invited to spend some days at Alex house on Water Island.
Our laptop died minutes before a presentation on Water Island! The laptop is our main tool to do school presentations, to write expedition reports, to navigate, to get weather faxes etc.. Who is going to donate a laptop to TOPtoTOP? Mail to info@toptotop.org.