After Cotopaxi Sabine and I (Dario) moved to the region of Chimborazo; – with 6310 m the highest mountain on our planet measured from the center of the earth.
There we did presentations at the schools of Marcopamba, Santiago and San Jose de Chimbo. The school at Las Queseras also joined the drawing contest .
The students were very happy to receive the colouring pencils
sponsored by Caran d’Ache. But could have done with more and we hope that Caran d’Ache www. will be able to donate some more boxes .
In Chimbo we also had a one hour radio interview.
The people in San Jose de Chimbo are specialists in making fire works for the whole country. During our stay, there was quite a dangerous party for San Peter in San Jose de Chimbo and Santiego…and we enjoyed the food .
More dangerous than the party was the climb of Chimborazo . We started at midnight. The glacier was technical because of the “Blankeis” till 5700 m. The weather was just perfect and we had a full moon : We were able to see to the coast. Just before the main TOP there were very difficult and ugly crevasses which we had to pass.
On the 3rd of July, at 6.30 h we were on the highest mountain of our planet. – Two new records: 1. It was the first time somebody climbed Chimborazo only with muscle power from the sea to the TOP. 2. It was the first time somebody climbed it from the TOP of Europe and the TOP of Switzerland to the TOP of Chimborazo only with human power and nature’s force!
After the Blankeis I had to make the trek to the “B