In La Libertad we went sailing with the kids from the Puerto Lucia Yacht Club and their wonderful trainer Diego.
Last Thursday we sailed to Isla Isabela in the Galapagos in 5 days. After 2 days the whole crew was adapted to the Pacific waves and were able to enjoy the 6086 food on board.
Today we had a radio interview here on this beautyful island and visited the school Mentor Gamboa. The children also participated in the international drawing contest and we were able to donate Caran d’Ache colours to them.
In the last expedition report we forgot to thank: invitation from the Swiss embassy to theater Mumenschanz; breakfast at the Swiss Corner Restaurant.
In the first day we already met some wonderful people here on Isabela and got a lot of help: Pablo Gordillo, president of Isabela; Susanna Villagomez, tourism director; Marry Medranda; Mariana Ceveillos.