Pirates on Pachamama!

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Isla Isabela, Galapagos, Ecuador, day 644
Biking total: 60 days, 2979 km, 21’000 altimeters.
Climbing total: 240 days, 3151 km, 118’400 altimeters.
Sailing total: 344 days, 9563 nm, 26 altimeters (Panama Channel)
About the first pirate on Pachamama we were happy; even he did not want to leave our home! We rescued one of his colleges out of a fisher net the other day. But as soon as they got familiar with Pachamama, they used our dingy as their private toilette and we have had even more cleaning to do!
The last month we have done 7 presentations and an exhibition with the solutions from the children in the town hall: Escuela Municipal Jacinto Gordillo, Mauritzio, Dario explaining, Miss Thurgau, contest, artiste, Escuela Fiscal Mixta Odilo Aguilar with an innovative solar system from Germany, engineer, Escuela Fiscomisional Cornelio Izquierdo.
Together with the CEA (Centro Educativo Ambiental) we organized a clean up: Diego and his team, yuppie, the beach is clean … also the leguanas are happy!
Last week we were a little bit sad to say goodbye to our friends Tom and Vicky on 6355 Sunstone – but we will meet them again in Chile! – Thanks a lot to our last crew for the presents: self-made purse from Nicole, bottle for the helm from Gabi, solar battery charger from Andrea and the solar torches from Stefan!
Note for sailors: Isabela is one of the best places we have been: Safe anchorage in 4 to 6m, sweat water from a tube near the dingy dock, very helpful and friendly people, great wildlife, volcanoes and the best port captain since now (second from the left).
Note for Ernst: Come and visit the post office in Isabela and check it out! Here they are much more progressive than the Swiss Post: There is no mail service anymore but you can buy nearly everything! – How lucky that we got free internet access from easy net!
Please note: The head coordination goes over again to Sabine and Dario. Many thanks to Fiona who has done so much for TOPtoTOP in the last months!

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