Position: 27.08S/109.26W
After 20 days on sea we arrived on the
anchorage in front of Hanga Roa, Easter
Island with their famous statutes yesterday
evening 5 p.m. LT.. Today we will go on land
for a school visit and buy some vegetables.
For this crossing we needed just the same
numbers of days like for our Atlantic
crossing in January this year!- It was not
easy to get to Easter Island: nearly 7 days
without wind and the last 3 days 25 to 30
kn/h from S-SW. The wind was just blowing
where we wanted to go and so we ended in a
endless tacking session (zick – zack). After
no wind and too much wind against us, Berit
will also like Armando stop in Easter Island
and recover from her sea sickness.
Sabine and I plan to continue tomorrow and
hope to have better conditions for the even
longer crossing to Valdivia.