First Swiss Sailboat and a broken chain!

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Position: 29.00S/105.51W
On the 5th in the morning we went on land and visited the school in Hanga Roa, where we have done a TOPtoTOP presentation in front of 150 students. Then Sabine went to the hospital for a check up: – everything is fine! In the afternoon we organized fruits and vegetables, visited some of the over 100 giant stone statues with more than 12 m high and 50 tons! After 3 weeks together it also came the moment to say goodbye to Berit and Armando.
The port captain informed us that there are about 10 to 20 boats in total per year and we might be the first Swiss boat landing on Easter Island, called Rapa Nui! It is called by islanders: Te Pito Te Henua which means “the Navel of the World” and has the shape of a volcanic triangle of 180 km2. Rapa Nui is the most remote island on our planet: The next neighbours in the East are in Chile 5 hours – (3700 km) and in the West in Tahiti 6 hours by plane (4500 km) away. 70 % of the 2700 inhabitants are Polynesian: extremely friendly people; they like to dance and are great musicians and singers. At the end of our presentation they present a thank you song and they were very pleased to here some Swiss song from us (z’burabuebli, chara lingua etc.). We also got a CD of their music as a present.
There is no really sheltered anchorage on Easter Island and you have to be lucky that the surf is not too big so that you can even land: We were lucky that we have had Easterly winds and so we decided to climb Cerro Terevaka (425m), the highest peak on the island the next morning. On the 6th fishermen brought us, like the day before, on land, because the surf was too dangerous for our dingy. Suzanne (, the tourism director, explained us the way to the TOP and told us to come back next morning so that she can show us her island … but it came different:
We climbed the TOP and enjoyed the 360-degrees view: – In galapagos we thought we are in paradise, but Rapa Nui is Heaven! ->From one moment to the other the wind was shifting to N. We ran back to the boat. – Thanks to Juan and Manuel from Santiago de Chile! – Back on Pachamama we prepared to leave and suddenly there was a loud “BANG”! I ran to the bow and saw that after one meter the rest of the chain is missing! The chain was broken! … one link has been weak! and we lost anchor and 75 m of chain in 20 m of water! In my back was the noise of the giant Pacific waves crashing against the cliffs. Sabine was ready to start the motor in no time and saved Pachamama! Next we called the port captain and provided him with the GPS position of our anchor. Mike was in the next hour our angel! Orginally from France, he came here with Jacques Cousteau and opened the dive center “Orca” ( The day before we got a new fishing gear as a present and now he helped us again to rescue our chain and anchor!
As soon as the anchor was on board the port captain (Mritime Gobernation) came with officers from health, agriculture and immigration, a total of 7 persons to clear out and say goodbye. They provided us with weather – and track info. We were absolutely amazed about the help and hospitality of all the people here! Sailing E with a good Northerly breeze the port captain called us again on VHF 16 and wished us all the best!
To follow us here our route (S/W): 27.08/109.29; 27.30/108.35; 29.15/105.30; 30.50/102.20; 32.20/099.10; 33.40/095.42;
35.00/092.10; 36.25/ 088.42; 37.55/085.20; 39.20/081.37; 39.25/077.00; 39.30/075.30; 39.41/073.45; 39.48/073.28
Gabi informed me to add this important info; – please help that TOPtoTOp can continue! For all they become a member or
already payed their membership: THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!
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