Position: 37.37S/087.20W
What a surprise on my birthday today! – We got the message that Tessa Storm was born yesterday!! Congratulations to our close friends and proud parents Bregitte and Peter!! … and a warm welcome to Tessa on our beautiful planet! Now our planet is even more beautiful, – because Tessa is here! … and we promise to do our best to keep it beautiful for her and generations, who comes … all the love from the whole Pacific: Sabine and Dario.
Tessa was born at 5.30 h MEZ on the 15th of October, that’s 3.30 h UTC, that’s on the 14th of October 21.30 h LT (Easter Island – or Pachamama time) – We were just at 35.27S/091.18W with 40 kn of wind in the middle of the biggest birth pangs of the storm.
By the way: The storm is over and we enjoy again nice sailing in a good SW-breeze. Cooking is now even more difficult, because the kitchen cupboard broke under the shock of the waves. Since the storm the temperature is falling and we feel the Antarctic. At the moment we have 13 Celsius inside the boat and everything is wet. Fortunately we have good cloths from Arc’terix and Bucher&Walt.
Also, – thanks a lot for all congratulation calls and emails! Without changing conditions we will be in Valdivia on the 21st of October. Alex Wopper, the owner of the marina in Valdivia (see: www.alwoplast.cl), sent already navigational info to get from the open sea up the river to Valdivia. The last months he was always ready to help when we have had a question. Now, we are looking forward to see him.