39.51S/073.19W, Valdivia, Chile, day 700
Biking total: 60 days, 2979 km, 21’000 altimeters.
Climbing total: 240 days, 3151 km, 118’400 altimeters.
Sailing total: 400 days, 13’669 nm, 26 altimeters (Panama Channel)
Zusammenfassung “Galapagos – Osterinsel – Valdivia” in Deutsch am Schluss des Berichts!
The last 36 days the South Pacific was our home. We sailed from Galapagos and Easter Island over 4106 nm to Valdivia. After
the big storm some days ago we are now happy to be in the excellent marina and shipyard Alwoplast with
its extraordinary landscape. Thanks god that our ruder hit by a wale or container made it till here. Soon we will bike to the base of Aconcagua; with its 6960 m, the highest TOP of both Americas. Fist we have to relax … and then we start some
fitness training in the neighbouring mountains, prepare Pachamama to leave her alone and visit some schools and media people
… Our new address here in Chile: TOPtoTOP Sabine & Dario, c/o Alex Wopper, Alwoplast Ltda., P.O. Box 114, Valdivia, Chile, Fax: ++ 56 63 203 201
Here some pictures from the crossing and Easter Island: together, full moon, sun rise, calm, Easter Island in sight, happy officials: at last a ship!, school visit in Hanga Roa, baby sitter of Pachamama, goodbye from Berit and Armando, TOP of Easter Island, anchor disaster, training for Aconcagua, birthday, beauty, view from the mast, last mile, first step on land, warm welcome of Alex’s wife Jacqueline
Zusammenfassung: Galapagos – Osterinsel Valdivia
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