Since the last report we have had so many experiences to fill a book!
First, it was my 3rd birthday on the expedition. Ramon from Switzerland and living in Valdivia is an expert of what you all can eat. He joined us to visit Curinanco national park and the remote Bonifacio bay. Both locations are pretty close to the mooring of Pachamama. There we were able to put up our tent. We found a death dolphin already met by vultures. An old fisherman told me that climate conditions were changing a lot in the last few years and that makes his work even harder. He will contact the teacher above the bay so that we can do once a presentation.
Back on Pachamama another surprise! We all enjoyed the cake of Sabine and removed the sweat of this 2-days hike.
Second, we went on tour to Temuco, Victoria and Traiguen:
In Temuco it was perfectly organized by the board of the Swiss Club: Sergio Conus, Heidi Gruebler and Ximena Hoffstaetter. We also have had interviews on TV and newspapers. Here some pictures:
school in Temuco with more than 250 children
University Frontera in Temuco
– Salina gives her first interview
El Liceo Agricola y Forestal La Providencia in Traiguen was till now the most efficient school we have seen in Chile. The director Armando Dufey together with his wife and 25 teachers do an excellent job to prepare 450 young people for life with a good mixture of theory lessons, craftsmanship and sport.
Sabine in action
– students building their own sports grounds
collecting firewood for their class rooms
– school needs money for a renovation => donors please contact:
In Freire we were invited by family Gruebler . They have La Casona Suiza, a wonderful holiday house; contact:
Fascinating was the water pump system = 100 % renewable!
Peter Gruebler organized a TOPtoTOP – presentation in front of the Rotary Club in Pitrufquen. The next day he guided us to the Conguillio national park by the volcano Llaima, – famous for its Araucarias. There we have had an interesting exchange with the park rangers. Finally Peter helped us to transport the school material – we got from the Swiss embassy – to Pachamama.
Today we worked again on the boat. We also went into the forest and encountered puma tracks and spiders and learnt some Knicke rules.
After another exciting day we are very tired! -Sorry, but we have to tell you more about…
– climate change experiences in the Pacific from Dawn and Mike on White Princess
– our bike and canoe expedition
– the climb of volcano Osorno to get an ice core to study climate change
…all that and more in the next report.