Visitation of the Swiss Ambassador

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clean up on volcano Villarica:
Anden Sport in Pucon offered us the crampons and the Swiss Ambassador Andre Regli a nice dinner. So we were well prepared for the climb…but unfortunately the weather was really bad. To get an idea, here a picture inside a shelter on about 2000 m. Ernst Regli, the father of the ambassador, climbed with his 79 years in this hard conditions and got in honor to his effort the first TOPtoTOP-Victorinox-Knife.
On the way back to Valdivia we got good information about the Southern Pacific from our friend and sailor Roland from Villarica.
TOPtoTOP event at Alwoplast:
The purpose was to say thank you to the authorities and especially to Alwoplast for this perfect “base camp” Valdivia. Federico Duenner was a big help to organize the event. Together with Elena, Martin and Jimmy we transformed the canteen of Alwoplast into a TOPtoTOP-camp.
There was a short visitation in the CECS where we explained the different projects between Chile (CECS) and Switzerland (TOPtoTOP, PSI) to the ambassador. The TOPtoTOP presentation was at Alwoplast and afterwards we have had a cocktail.
Captain of the fragata Javier Vasquez offered TOPtoTOP their collaboration as soon as we are navigating again and invited us to his mooring in the center of Valdivia.
After a group picture we got another lift by the armada to do a school visit on island Mancera together with our two stars. The children on this remote island enjoyed our visit and we were invited to coffee and kuchen.
Back on ambassadors back to Pachamama where we offered the ambassador Andre Regli and his parents a Swiss Aelplermaccaronae – not without air control!
The following days we spent working, drilling holes, repairing sails and feeding till late at night.
We also have had students from Temuco on Pachamama and went to clean up beaches in Playa Grande and Las Molinos.
Very interesting was also the events together with the Chileanen organisation EXPLORA. Chilren from different schools were participaiting and learnt in games and workshops all about water conservation.
Next week Annemarie, Jimmy and Martin will join us to schools more in the South. – Thanks to Annemarie for helping me uploading the pictures 🙂
Note: check climate change report from the TOPtoTOP diving team Dawn & Mike Dorsett on SY White Princess, Suva, Fiji about Australia and the Pacific!
Last news: Salina’s right eye got hurt by a bamboo on a 4-days treck. She is now in good medical treatment and her eye will be fine end of this week :-). Many thanks to REGA and ophthalmologist Irmela Mantel!
Very last news: – TOPtoTOP was able to organize money for a building for a school for children with a mentally disadvantage. Many thanks to the Swiss embassy in Santiago de Chile! -> chek the email of the happy board member of this school.

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