Pumalin Park: clean up and school visits

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We are in on of the most beautiful parks on our planet. Our neighbours are dolphins, sea lions and black necked swans. Our anchorage is in Puillan fjord. From here it is about 2 hours to a native tree plantation to reproduce the 3000 years old Alerce trees which all were logged in the past. As a climber I was fascinated about the 900 m big wall here in the Vodudahue Valley, – like El Capitan in Yosemite Park, California.
We have also a wonderful time with the initiators of the park, Kris and Doug Tompkins. They live about 20 minutes from Pachamama in Renihue fjord where Salina enjoyed a warm bath in the sink. Yesterday they were on Pachamama and we offered the Swiss meals Aelplermacaroni and Plain in Pignia.
Between clean ups and school visits we spent our time fishing and doing the laundery, working on the boat…
CLEAN UP’s on Pumalin’s fjords:
A lot of the trash we found came from the salmon industry:
antifouling canes
beer canes
clean up on Vodudahue beach
cleaning gives satisfaction
fishing nets and ropes
plastic bottles and oil canes
SCHOOL VISITS in the neighbourhood of the park:
Here some pictures:
Annemarie in action
drawing contest
finding solutions
funny games
great solutions
kids of Amarillo
kids of Chaiten
local beauties
plenty of good ideas
Sabine in action
Salina in action
TOPtoTOP workshop
Dario in action
trash game
trash sketch
3 solutions
The next 3 days we will try to climb volcano Michinmahuida

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