Here now some pictures about our activities in the last few weeks. The internet connection here on the isalnd is very slow, that’s why the pictures are smaller than normal:

The navigation from Valdivia to Robinson was fast, but difficult because of the rudder. So we were quite happy when the cliffs DSCN9679.JPG came closer and we arrived 2006-03-21 577.jpg.

We found a new friend: Jost Otto Schnyder. He is from Switzerland and some how a living Robinson and already in his lifetime a legend. He also helped us out with a jack to push the rudder more down. So may that’s the solution.

Our first activity on the island was the climb 2006-03-21 553.jpg of Cerro Alto
2006-03-21 556.jpg with a spectacular view.
2006-03-21 557.jpg. On the base of the mountain we made a clean up 2006-03-21 570.jpg just infront of Robinson’s cave, where Salina made her first steps.

A big help was the local radio station DSCN9670.JPG “picaflor rocho” to announce the activities DSCN9675.JPG. There we met Joge A. Tomasevic. A great researcher who fights for the endemic species: the Masatuera Rayadito rayadito.pdf (download pdf 58KB).

Our volunteers Elise and Jonathan Oz.02.2006 056.jpg were participaiting. We organised a clean up DSCN9707.JPG in the village and the whole school DSCN9698.JPG was participaiting in the drawing contest Oz.02.2006 078.jpg.

One of the best events was with marenostrum we went swimming with the sea lions DSCN9684.JPG. We never have seen a closer relation ship between wilde animals and kids DSCN9687.JPG!

Again we made some remote people happy with our visit…and they made us happy too. Today they made it posible that we were able to see our next family member DSCN9695.JPG!

Tomorrow it’s Salina’s first birthday and than we will set sails for more remote islands in the Pacific …It will be about 6 weeks of navigation to the Gambier islands!
Here the missing pictures of the last hours we spent in Valdivia:
On the 31.03.2006 we left our friends 2006-03-21 537.jpg in Valdivia and the people from Alwoplast 2006-03-21 549.jpg. One hour before our departure 2006-03-21 539.jpg we plant an Alerce tree on top of Salina’s plazenta 2006-03-21 531.jpg, which was nearly one year waiting for this event in the freezer of the cantine of the company Alwoplast.”