NEU: Falls Du Skpe out hast, kannst Du uns auf 00689 24 47 40 anrufen. Du kannst dann fuer Euro 1.- eine Stunde mit uns telefonieren.
Elise and Jonathan were a big help, as well as Salina:

Often we have had no wind on the crossing from Patagonia to Polynesia.
Happy to be on anchor! Pachamama take a rest infront a wonderful island:

There are sharks and a lot of fisch:

So we enjoyed the diving very much … and thanks to Harald for this pictures!

The PEOPLE in Polynesia are very friendly and there are a lot of kids to join our activities:

They make their living with perls.

In the SCHOOL in Papetee:

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By the way 1: Elise and Jonathan left yesterday and we made a nice goodby party, togehter with Edith, Beat, Claudia, Harald, Ada und Ako – wonderful sailors we met on the way. We are looking forward to see Elise and Jonathan soon on the expedition. Thanks again for everything 🙂
By the way 2: A Swiss journalist from Basel, Werner Bringold from Basel, made a report in the local newspaper “Les Nouvelles”. We have had 2 pages in colour!
Many thanks to Matthieu Fleury for the free internet access to make this report posible. He make wireless possible on sailsboats. Contact: