Now we are already the second time in Easter Island. The first time when we were sailing from Galapagos to Easter Island end of September 2004, Sabine was also pregnant and today Salina is already joining us by the clean up of Hanga Roa harbor.

We have a warm welcome. We are glad to see our friends again and are very thankful about the hospitality of Erika’s family, which runs the very peaceful guest house “chez Erika“.
The only shock today is the traffic. In 2004 the horse was the common mean of transport. Today there are already too many cars for the total of 40 km of roads on this small island.

In the school some students performed a local dance for us to say thank you for our TOPtoTOP presentation. All of them participated in the TOPtoTOP drawing contest afterwards!

We climbed also volcanoes. They are not active anymore and you find in these remote craters a lot of endemic species. On one volcano you see how they have cut the Moais out of the rock. Further down you will find them all over the place.