Wir sind gerade auf dem Weg ins Spital St. Gallen. Salina hat eine Lungenentzuendung. Bezueglich Fest und Taufe gibt es zur Zeit noch keine Aenderung. Updates auf dieser Page oder Tel. 052 378 10 50 bzw. Tel. 081 723 39 77.
NOTE: Alle Informationen fuer Andri’s Taufe und Willkommensparty am naechsten Wochenende den 16.-17.12.2006 hier als Download (pdf).

Caco from CECS offered the equipment and Dario his guiding know how. That was the formula to organize a workshop in ice climbing and crevasse rescue for young people from the region. Our members and friends from Switzerland Iris und Urs just joined us and climbed the first time in their life a volcano! Dario has had the pleasure to enjoy the spring snow at the end.
The start of this trip was a nice lunch at Erico’s place. He’s dream is to become a mountain guide. His grand grandfather came to Chile. It would be great when he can join the Swiss mountain guide formation in the future. To do so, it would be perfect to get a donation for his ticket to Switzerland, so that Dario can teach him skiing this winter? Email to if you want to donate sth for his ticket.

The next day we had a TOPtoTOP presentation in the botanical institute of the University Austral of Chile. Salina was again a big help!
Christina, the director of the institute offered us to plant an Alerce tree in the beautiful botanical garden of the University for Andri. Gino Casassa has done a nice prayer and so we planted the Alerce over Andri’s and Sabine