In Fare, the main village of Huahine, we visit the local primary school. Shortly before going there we meet a small team of RAI (Italian TV) making a reportage on French Polynesia, which is planned to be broadcast on RAI UNO on the 23th of June 2007 at 2:30 p.m. (the name of the programme is Stella del Sud, click on “Gli Speciali” – if you see it please record it for us). As they don’t want to show only the touristy side of the islands they decide to join us.

Sabine and Dario explain the problems about climate change and show impressive pictures of the ToptoTop expedition. The children follow very attentively. I try to explain how a solar vehicle is working. The sun is hiding behind clouds and there is just about enough energy to have it slowly going. The kids show so much enthusiasm playing with the solar vehicle from Megasol that we give it as a present to the school. Sabine explains the drawing contest – with Andri watching intently the solutions drawn by the pupils. Obviously the solar vehicle has made a lasting impression!

Being my birthday we enjoy a great chocolate cake made by Sabine after dinner for dessert – the shape of the cake reflects the waves during its baking! The next day Annemarie arrives in Huahine and brings a lot of nice presents from Switzerland – Salina proudly demonstrates her new dress and hut and she will certainly like (as we all do…) the Swiss chocolate – thanks a lot for all the presents!