Thanks to Hotel Oure ( this report is possible. Thanks to Arnold and Tony, two Swiss arriving on the island 38 years ago, for organizing our TOPtoTOP school visit in the main village Vao.
– Dario in action –
– TOPtoTOP climate solution contest –
One weekend we were invited by our friend Emmanuelle and her two wonderful daughters to camp with the Ouroue tribe in Thio ad the East cost of the big island.

After Noumea we stopped on two small islands to fix our stuffing box. Because the weather on the way to Australia was not o.K., we could not continue and went to Ile des Pins to wait for a good weather window for the crossing. The last few days there were one tropical depression after the other passing S of us.

Ile de Pins is the paradise itself. We climbed twice the highest TOP, Mount N’ga and organized a clean up.

Andri like Salina is a gifted climber and made his first steps on this Southern most island of Melanesia.

Now the weather seems to be o.k.. The silence is gone after a big cruiser arrived. We hope to be in Australia in about 10 days. Contact us by phone: 00872 7625 68 933