See what Markus Marbach has done for us: TOPtoTOP film.

That is our route now to Kosciusko.

Salina and Andri enjoy the thrailer sponsored by Civic Bikes in Newcastle. Thanks to Robert Moniaci from Drummoyne Auto Care we manged to attach it to our Canyon Bikes.

After the traffic trough Syndey we were very happy that we were able to stay overnight at with Cathrine and Lionel Mochamps’s place. We have had heaps of wonderful meat! The last time like that was in Argentina.

Today we got up early to avoid the hot weather and the thunderstorms in the afternoon to travel to the Marbach family in Menai. See S34.01.19.29E151.01.09.87 on Google Earth for our exact location.

Tomorrow we do a TOPtoTOP school visit here in Meani.
In Menai we are hosted by the Marbach Family: Mercedes, Markus, Seline and Chantal. This TOPtoTOP base camp has the best internet facility so far. We felt like being back home in Switzerland.

Seline made one of the best assignements about future transportation using renwable energy recources we have seen during our expedition so far. She is 8 years old.

NOTE: TOPtoTOP Weihnachtsaktion in Australien!
Address for Xmas presents: Family Mercedes and Markus Marbach, 5 Bray Grove, Menai, NSW 2234, Australia; our mobile: 0061 4 23 45 02 55