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From Bundanoon we went to Windellama. The biggest problem was the millions of flies. It was nearly impossible to cycle along the hilly road with the mouth closed and so we swallowed many flies. Thanks to Roberto we got this fly –protectors which fit over our helmets.
The first part was almost flat with big sheep farms and a lot of Kangaroos. Unfortunately same Kangaroos were not fast enough for the few cars and lying death a side of the road.

We camped in the staff’s room of the public school and gave a presentation to all 31 students the next morning.

The students are always very interested to see how we do it with our two kids and fascinated about our Canyon bikes and our country Switzerland as well.

Sometimes we have had dirt roads and the weather conditions changed from one extreme to the other: Once it was sunny, 35 C hot and the other day a lot of rain, 15 C cold and stormy.
The next day we continued to Tarago and were able to put our tent in a shelter of the public school.

The next day we were quite busy: After Sabine’s delicious breakfast Muesli we had the first presentation in Tarago public school, than biking to Bungendore to do another presentation in the Bungendore public school.

Matilda Dabusti a teacher of the Bungendore public school invited us to her home where we met her husband Roberto. Both are originally from Italy and patienat climbers. So we had lots to discuss and hope that we can climb together in Australia once. Robereto does his own wine and built his own wine cellar in his garden… and like this Sabine had at last the opportunity to taste once also Chilean wine.

Finally we made it to the capital of Australia, Canberra. There we had a very warm welcome from the Ambassadors family Muehlethaler, where we are able stay for the next days and Salina starts to become a pianist and Andri a climber (He has already same wounds like a real climber). The Ambassador already organized a radio interview with the station 1CMS, – go to 91.1 FM on next Monday evening to listen the interview.

Regards to the result of the climate conference in Bali we think more and more that TOPtoTOP is on the right way: Motivating students to protect our climate is the best long term investment. If politicians and some countries do not like to make a step forward, we are sure that the next generation will do!
After same school visits and media work in the Canberra area, thanks to the hospitality of the Swiss Ambassador Muehlethaler, we go to move further in same days to the TOP of Australia and hope to make it before Xmas.

Happy Xmas and thanks again for your support.
Dario & Sabine with kids

Here a present of Markus Marbach: See us biking!

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