3 Swiss Climate Activists meet in Sydney!

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Begin of February we made it back to Sydney together with family Storm.

Tessa, Bregitte and Peter spend one month with us and we had a wonderful time together. Thank you very much for your participation on the TOPtoTOP expedition!

At family Mochamps place we have been babysitters to find out how it will be with 6 children 😉 and to organize the media.

At our home, the expedition sailboat Pachamama, we had two special visitors: Swiss Rudi Schacher, who droved from the North Cape in Norway to Sydney using used cooking oil from restaurants on the way and Swiss Louis Palmer with his Solartaxi. A not planed meeting of 3 Swiss climate activists on the other side of the planet!

After the article in the Sun Herald, we had 2 TV stations asking for an interview (Channel 9 was for Channel 7) and 300 emails the next days. Thanks to all the congratulations! We had also a lot of schools, Rotary- sport- and yacht clubs, museums etc. asking for a presentation.
Thanks to the Empire Marina in Drummoyne we were able to park Pachamama in the marina during the interviews. Manager Matthew Hundleby offered us also an internet access, so that we were able to replay all emails more efficiently.

At the Sydney Cruising Yacht Club we had a meeting with Roger Wragby and Justine Kirkjian to discuss our participation for the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. It would be a perfect opportunity to promote the renewable technologies on Pachamama; but we need more donations and sponsorship for that?

Begin of February I become a Rotarian of the E-Club of Latin America. The celebration took place at the Rotary Club of Sydney with president Garry Brown. There I met Ingrid, Luca and Federico, 3 Italians, who follows the steps of Darwin. After the Rotary meeting downtown we had a beautiful evening on Pachamama.

We have been very proud to have sailor Ian Keith Wilson on board and family Marbach. Ian organized us the free mooring licence that made our stay in Sydney possible. Marbachs help us in all possible ways.

For my father: …papageia gits do wia z’vilters spatza…

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