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The big-tree-country is in danger by logging companies!
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Hobart the capital of the Australian state of Tasmania.
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Our friend Andi joined us in Tasmania.
We were able to stay with Karin, Tim and little Lukas in Hobart and had a great time together. Karin is the daughter of Annemarie, who joined us for 6-month trough the Pacific.
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In Hobart we have done two presentations in front of high school students and also at the Australian Antarctic Devision. Ewan from the AAD was able to organize a great conference. We met scientists they will help us in our school program to bring the Antarctic into the class rooms and like to help us planing our next attempt of Mount Vinson.
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Andri is now o.K. again! … But both, Andri and Salina like more a motor bike than their trailer!
Now we will move to our friends Linda, Phil, Chris, David and Jacqui Hocking in Melbourne to meet with students, join the Swiss Festival and talk to the media.
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