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Philip Hocking from SGS in Melbourne organized us media, public – and school presentations in the greater Melbourne region. Thanks to his phenomenal organization and coordination skills we were able to talk to more than 2000 people and had articles in 3 newspapers and have been 45 minutes on air! But often our kids steal us the show…
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Thanks to Swiss Ambassador Christian Mühlethaler, Tony Hall and Philip Hocking from SGS-Australia we have a new main sponsor together with Victorinox. SGS
This is one of our major highlights on the expedition so far!
The announcement took place at the Swiss Club in Melbourne on the 29th of May. Read more…
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Presentation at the Burrinja Community Center
By a glass of Heidiland mineral water I met Terry Leeding at the Swiss Club and SACCI event. – The source of this mineral water is 2 km away from my parent’s home in Switzerland! – Terry’s company ZEST UNIVERSAL distributes innovative Swiss products like the Swiss “Sigg” boatels we will test on the expedition.
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The day before we were the key speakers at the Victorian Outdoor Education Conference, where we opened this event with our presentation. In the afternoon we were talking in front of 650 students from Tintern Girls Grammar School. There and in Alexandra we met the best teachers so far when it goes to motivate young people for sports and the environment: Rebecca Guggisberg and Jennie de Freitas.
We were invited to stay in Jennie and Greg’s house during our presentations in Alexandra and Yea and the cooking was just excellent!

Thanks to the wonderful back bags from phil&ted (see the joy of Andri), we have had also the opportunity to climb in this beautiful staate of Victoria with the extended Hocking family and friends.
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Salina climbed to whole way up to the TOP!
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Victoria is full of parrots, Cockatoos and Kookaburras laughing like a clown and we had a wonderful time in the schools:
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We visited:
Tintern Girls Grammar
– Alexandra Secondary Collage
– Yea High School
Little Yarra Steiner School
Mater Christi College
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… Emerald Primary School was just great: Great environmentaly active teachers and students, congratulations!