In Bass Strait on the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race we had the first time a funny noise coming from the steering system, but didn’t think of a big problem. After Sydney we tried to get to New Zealand. Because of constant head winds we decided to go to Queensland to do our project there.
Climbing up from Sydney to Brisbane the rudder came totally loose. It was very difficult and we got quite tired from hand steering and we were so glad that Matteo was still with us. We reported the Australian Coast Guard our position nearly every hour so that they have us on trek. We managed to improvise an upper bearing to support the rudder shaft and made it yesterday over the bar at high tide into the Seaway, where we were able to anchor. I dived and was perplex to see that the rudder is cracked…
2009-01_werft-gccm 001_resize.jpg
For all of us it was a big shock that we have again a problem with the rudder! Thanks to Bill Dobson’s advise we sailed up the calm Coomera river to the Gold Coast City Marina. We never have seen such an organized and big place for marine repairs. The Gold Coast City Marina Manager Steve Sammes gave us a warm welcome and is ready to support the TOPtoTOP Expedition in its difficult situation.
Tomorrow Pachamama comes out of the water and then we know more. We think it takes a while till the rudder is fixed. If you know a place we are able to stay in the Brisbane area during the repairs please let us know (0061 4 23 45 02 55)?