… 5 minutes from the boat yard!
Yesterday Kerry just finished welding and Perry helps as out to produce the bearings.
Unfortunately we saw that there is material missing on the shaft. SGS offered us to ship the rudder to their facilities in Adelaide to machine it there. Greg Watson came up with the idea to build it up with Alu-Epoxy. It worked fine and so we were able to save the transport to Adelaide, although there was a lot of grinding involved.
It is a big job! We normaly start at 5 a.m. till 8 p.m. and sometimes we work also at night:
Thanks to this super boat yard and a lot of volunteers we hope to be back in the water mid of next week.
At the moment we have to paint 8 coats on each side of the rudder and grind it in between … so we know what we do on the weekend.
The children like to help everywhere and Sabine is doing a great job keeping them busy, cooking and working on the boat!
Thanks Charley on a sailboat nearby Salina and Andri can still enjoy Crock – and Kangaroo country.