Cyclone Hamish was just north of us. We experienced a lot of wind and rain. At our beach near Sufersparadise huge waves were braking.
We were stacked in the boat for days till Salina came up with a new innovation: “the anti-cyclone-device”! So once time to prepare the boat, play with the kids and prepare for the next school presentations.
Today we made a presentation at Helensvale State high School in front of 450 students. Peter Chandler from SGS made it possible.
Just in front our door an ecological disaster happened because of cyclone Hamish:
THOUSANDS of liters of fuel oil from the container boat Pacific Adventurer are washing ashore on the eastern side of Moreton Island, north of the Gold Coast, causing severe ecological damage to the fragile island.
The Pacific Adventurer lost about 20 tones of heavy fuel oil on Wednesday when it was damaged as 31 containers full of ammonia nitrate were washed overboard in huge seas caused by Tropical Cyclone Hamish.
Maritime authorities originally said they did not expect the fuel leak to have a significant effect, but this morning locals found beaches on the ocean side of the island black with the oil.
Let’s go clean the beach!