Arrived in NZ – Earth Hour!

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We are in New Zealnd! Our contact phone is +64 (0) 210 39 89 61.
Our presentation in Brisbane was a great success thanks to the perfect organization of Peter Chandler, SGS. Here a feedback from a participant:
“Dear Sabine and Dario, it was lovely to meet you the other night at the presentation at the Colmslie Hotel. We all thought your story was fascinating and we are totally in awe of your children. My son Tom, (in the wheelchair) was, at first, so shocked when Andre crawled all over him, but by the end he said he loved it. I don’t think he has ever been so openly accepted by anyone of any age. And as for my other two children, they said they were thinking of them all the next day, so they must have made a big impression!
Anyway, just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed meeting you all and if you are looking for accommodation when you are next in Brisbane, we have plenty of room. Or even if you two just want to go out for the night, I don’t think we’d have any shortage of babysitters! I hope you have a wonderful time in New Zealand and hopefully meet you again when you return.
Regards, Susan Hamilton”
Soon after we left our Base Camp, the Gold Coast City Marina for New Zealand. The 139 students of the Lyttelton Main School in a wonderful bay near Christchurch were the first Kiwis inviting us to their school.
After explaining all the good examples to protect the climate they started to put their solution on paper and made wonderful posters to campaign EARTH HOUR at 20.30 h, 28th of March TODAY/TOMORROW (NZ/Europe)!
Note to all out there: Please switch off all lights at 20.30 h!
Soon after we have been at the Governors Bay School and 10 year old Beatrice wrote:”I really think that you will make the environment better and save the planet.”
Good news:
Andri started to join Salina to use the toilette and both are big helpers to find all the parts for the bikes.
Now, we have to pack and off we go.

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