Salina’s first birthday was on Robinson Crusoe Island, 2nd on Tahiti and the 3rd in Sydney.
The 4th birthday was now in New Zealand on a hiking trip at the Farewell Spit.
The day before we met Salina’s friends at the beach:
The first birthday cake was in the morning in the tent. The last “happy birthday” song on the campground in the Abel Tasman National park after an exciting glow worm expedition along a small creek with some Kiwi friends. The last cake was on Juanita’s farm 2 days later where they nearly met the Easter bunny.
On our hiking trip in the Abel Tasman National Park we found some Easter eggs on the golden beach before we went caving. There Salina found a bone from a dinosaur!
Close to Nelson in this Karst with hips of caves is also one of the biggest spring on this planet: read more 1 and 2.
Before Salina’s birthday we were busy in the schools around Nelson:
Tahunannui School
Hira School; what a great school!
Salina and Andri enjoyed the schools playgrounds and Salina had her 1st school day in her life on the 9th of April at the Nelson Central School where Dario made another presentation and just the day after she was invited to join the Hira School.
We also met Nick and Petty Algie from Perth with little Abel, who became a friend of Andri. We met them in the anchorage of Savusavu, Fiji and they were just in NZ visiting their parents.
At the same place in Fiji we met Kati and Arne’s family. In Nelson we were able to look after Kati and Arne’s house and their cat while they went for a short holiday. With all kids we climbed a peak above Nelson which is the center of NZ.
Thanks to Kati and Arne we had time to make an ultra sounding in Nelson from our next crew member.
We also met family members of our close friend and TOPtoTOP member Gerhard Reich who died one month ago. He was Anuschka’s and Juanita’s uncle and they live in NZ. He was since the start always in email contact with us…