We would like to thank you all for the emails you send us after Noé was born!
Now some pictures what happened before and after…
Before Noé was born….
Dario and Sheila 005-crop.jpg
Just before Noé was born we were busy in the schools and at the National Aboriginal and Islander Children’s Day at Bagot community.
Sabine was cycling till the very last day.
Top to Top_Nightcliff 004.jpgNightcliff Middle School in Nightcliff
Karama 006_crop.jpg
Karama School in Sanderson
Kormilda Collage in Berrimah
Our kids were helping where ever they could: Mum in the kitchen and dad fixing the computer:
…and there was also some time to relax:
It was very hot on Pachamama. I think Sabine did only survive thanks to Clive’s gift: an air-van.
After Noé was born…
We were so happy after all the troubles we went through and it was such a blessing that we were able to stay in Beat Erismann’s house. – Thank you very much, Beat! – Salina and Andri are very proud of their brother.
The last two weeks we were busy in the Darwin Royal Hospital to find out what is going on with Noé’s kidneys and made several tests.
Thanks to Midwife Mo and Meryl and Dr. Charles Kilburn we were in very good hands and Noé is ready to take his first big leg on the Indian Ocean outside Sabine’s stomach. We give him antibiotics as prevention and do another check in 3 months when we arrive in Singapore.
Now we are five on the bikes and visited today our last school in Darwin, the Essington School:
The students are also participating in the solution contest and did some interesting posters and presentations on Global Climate Change.
May to August 913.jpg
Begin of next week we have all hands on deck again and continue to Indonesia.
Now it is time to say goodbye to this incredible country Australia with its wonderful people where our son Noé was born. We made so many friends and we don’t know how we can express our thanks to you in words: your generosity, help and friendship was so big, – yes, like Australia, to the horizon and even further….
20090829_au_darwin_fotoshooting 048.jpg
Anchoring in the Ashmore Reef, Western Australia will be our last Australian experience before Asia. Like this we have been with the TOPtoTOP project in all states visiting a total of 10’560 students and covered 4866 km cycling. We made the TOP of the continent, Kosciuszko and have been in its biggest sport event, the Sydney Hobart Yacht Race to promote wind and solar energy. This was all only possible to the many Australian’s, donors and supporters helping us out and thanks to our main sponsors Victorinox and SGS and the main patronage from UNEP and Switzerland.
Please note the following announcements:
– Our book is published in German in November; – a good present for your friends and family at Xmas! Please let us know how many you like.
– On the 20th of November 1999 TOPtoTOP was founded. For the 10th anniversary we plan the clean up from the sea to Everest. Please check our planning draft and join us cycling and hiking in January/February 2010 in India and Nepal. The anniversary party we plan in August 2010 together with a TOPtoTOP Camp in the Engadin Valley (2 weeks).