2009-11_malaysia-thailand_100.JPG Clean up Ao Chalong beach
From Singapore trough the Malacca Strait Jacqueline from swissnex joined us and we had hardly any wind or the wind against us. The good part was that we didn’t saw a pirate. We met Heather & David on Milliways. We met them the last time in Tenerife 6 years ago. They invited us for dinner and we made a presentation in Ipoh, Malaysia. Many thanks to Swisspro to make it happen!
After Penang we had good wind and Sabine made a flying “Adventskalender” for the kids. Between the watches there is story time. Entering Thai waters we had to be very careful at night because of the many fishing boats.
Matteo and Noé are a perfect team on the helm!
On Koh Muk we met Kara, Anne and Uwe on SY Magnum again. Kara is Salina’s best friend. There was a great cave where you could raw in and you end up in an open caldera. The entrance is an 80-metre pitch dark passageway leading to a completely enclosed circular, cathedral-like Hong, with a diameter of 60 meters.
The next morning a film crew from Swiss TV joined us for the cleanup. First at the beach on the West side of the island and later in the cave where we met some holiday makers from Switzerland, who joined us in the clean up. The Report will be broadcasted at the 17th of December on SFDRS, 10vor10. – Thomas, please tape it and put it on our website! –
We cleared in Ao Chalong to prepare the boat for the next leg to Kolkata. On our neighbor boat Styrr we met Santa and started clean up the beaches of Phuket Island together with TOPtoTOP members Eveline, Eveliane und Werner, who are on a 3 month cycling trip and stayed some days on Pachmama. Also some locals and Michel from France who lives here plus Tina and Noah from SY Chenoa joined the event.
Just before we continue Annemarie left to celebrate Xmas with her daughter Karin in Sidney. She covered 1850 nm this time on Pachamama and did a great job not only during our school visits and cleanups. She is handling the sails and is the loved sailing grandmother for Salina, Andri and Noé. Hope to see you back soon, thank you for all, Annemarie!
Now we wish you all Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!
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