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Beach cleaning at Ao Sane
Noé has to be repatriated!
Since Noé was born he has an obstruction between his left kidney and the bladder and was treated since Darwin with antibiotics as a prevention to avoid an infection of the kidney. In Singapore they raised the dose after a check (ultra sound and nuclear medicine) in the KK Hospital. They confirmed that there is no risk to continue the expedition as long as we continue to do a checkup every month.
On the way to Kolkata in Thai waters Noé became high fever. We contacted the very efficient Swiss Rescue Center REGA by satellite phone. The doctor in charge advised us to go immediately to the nearest hospital and not to sail further to the Andaman Islands in India.
The Phuket International Hospital was the nearest to go where they started fighting the infection with daily shoots of high doses of antibiotics intramuscular. We became friend to Doctor Weerachrt Limjitsomboon and felt us very comfortable and in good hands. After a lot of time spent in the hospital Andri likes also to become a doctor…
With this diagnosis we anchored in 1 hour distance off the hospital. The plan of the REGA was to repatriate Sabine with Noé as soon as the infection is over and ready to fly. But the infection was very persistent. So we had to wait:
First we celebrated View image Matteo’s birthday. Xmas we celebrated on our neighbor ship STYRR with a Xmas tree and hips of children from other boats.
While waiting for Noé’s recovery we did further clean ups and enjoyed the wonderful people and culture.
After fighting hard, finally good news: Noé is ready to fly and all organized that he get the best treatment possible back in Switzerland. Sabine just arrived to Switzerland with Noé and Salina and Andri yesterday.
Matteo and I were lucky to meet Derrick Van Deventer from Ao Po Grand Marina where we can leave Pachamama so that I am able to join the family in Switzerland. In preparing the boat Matteo became a champion in killing mosquitoes:
After 5 days of hard work “Pachamama” is clean like never before and safely moored, waiting for us in Ao Po Grand Marina to continue to India and Africa. Thank you very much, Matteo, for your help to make Pachamama ready to leave and looking forward to cycle with you soon to Everest!
Our plan:
… is to be in Switzerland in January to see first after Noé. We plan to use the time for some presentations and prepare the logistics for clean up Everest. Please contact us if you are interested to join us on the Clean up Everest, either you are cycling to Lucla or treeking to Everest Base Camp.
Mid February we are back on the expedition and start cycling from Kolkata to Everest. The missing distance from Thailand to Kolkata we cover after the Everest Cleanup event, on the way sailing further to India and Africa.
Please do not hesitate to contact us: + 41 78 719 86 86
Buchbesprechung im Radio Rottu.