We are on the way to clean up Everest cycling. We are on position N23.54.882 E086.10.709 in Topchanchi.
The biggest Impact of Climate Change near Kolkata was Cyclone Aila at the 21st of May 2009. It hit the Sunderbans causing floods and coastal erosion. The social worker Palash Sinha showed us where the coast line was located before. People try to build dams to be prepared for the next impact.
The salty sea water destroyed the farm land and it is very hard to grow something and to have enough grass for the cattle.
building dams
protecting the shore line
Ground water gets more and more salty after every flood and the higher the sea level is raising. Drinking water is a problem. With a donation of US 1000. – a filter system can be installed to produce drinking water for a whole village. Get in touch with TOPtoTOP, if you like to do a donation.
This people are very environmental and climate friendly. They hardly produce CO2 and recycle everything. A lady showed me her kitchen where she cooks with biogas that get processed by the cattle dung and the waste water flows in a pipe directly back in the vegetable garden.
Biogas converter and pipe into the kitchen
The biking is going well. We do an average of 100 km a day. Matteo has some knee problems…