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On the way from the Sea to clean the Top of the World we arrived today in Bihar Sherif at position N25.11.744 E085.31.181 after 125 km in the saddle. Yesterday we have been in Bahri at position N24.18.138 E085.25.425
2010-03_kolkata-nepal (1).JPG
After 11 a.m. it is very hot, so that we always start at 4 a.m., getting up at 3 a.m.
2010-03_kolkata-nepal (9).JPG
Fabricio doing some exercise during a rest after sitting for hours in the saddle
2010-03_kolkata-nepal (10).JPG
Road is blocked for hours after an accident – but not for us and we have finally a traffic free and enjoyable run to Bihar Sherif
Near the starting point at the sea: tries get planted to protect the shore line and minimize the erosion
Here a FEEDBACK of a presentation:
“Dear Mr Dario,
• It was our pleasure meeting and hearing you on 27 th Feb 2010 at VSSU – Ullon (West Bengal).We gained a lot insight from you the use of Solar Energy and its positive impact on Climate Change.
• “Petroleum Conservation Research Association” or “PCRA” in short, a body under Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas, Govt of India, is engaged in Energy Conservation in all fronts of fuel/energy usage.
• We would like to join “Energy Conservation” efforts by way of conducting Tech Seminars any where in the Globe since it affects us all and addresses “Climate Change” directly.
Since you are Globally connected, we request you to kindly introduce us to such groups with similar mission so that we can take our activity further not only in India but in other countries also.
With warm regards
prabir chattoraj
Addl Dir PCRA-ER;”
P1100669.jpgTaking the first sample at the sea N21.42.037 E088.22.971: I like to compare it with the water on top of Everest

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