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Since Noe is born on the 15th of August 2009 in Darwin Australia, Noe is treated with antibiotics because of a subtraction between the kidney and the bladder. While sailing to Kolkata end of 2009 Noe had a kidney infection and was repatriated to Switzerland where he has a successful operation in the Kinderspital in Zurich in February. On the 30th of March is now the 2nd and hopefully last operation. – Please pray that all goes well and he recovers fast. – If all goes well Sabine, Salina, Andri and Noe are back on the expedition soon and the family is united again in Nepal on the 6th of April.
The TOPtoTOP Expedition will be busy doing the project in Nepal including a clean up on Everest till begin of June, before travelling further to attend for some events in the Swiss Pavilion at the World Exhibition 2010 in Shanghai from begin to mid July.
Last consultations for Noe are planed end of July in Switzerland, before the 10th anniversary Camp and the TOPtoTOP Climate Solution Winners Expedition take place in Switzerland in August. After this final check and the two events we are back on the expedition again on Pachamama with India and Africa ahead of us.
These reports are possible to the generosity of Dawa Tshiring Sherpa and his wife Nanga Lhamu from the Himalaya Lodge in Lukla. On the picture you see Lhamu, her brother Ang Temba Sherpa, a world model and climber, and Dawa in front the beautiful Lodge:
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