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On the 29th of August, the Schwoerer family, headed to meet the rest of the TOPtoTOP family at a camping spot in Maloja – in the state of Graubúnden; Switzerland!!!
It was the beginning of a 10 day camping trip to celebrate the anniversary of the TOPtoTOP Global Climate Expedition! Where else should they celebrate but in the homeland of the family, and the starting point of their very first TOPtoTOP tour!
Families from around the country gathered to share some time camping, hiking and celebrating with the Schwoerers! Everyone has been involved, (at some point or another) to help TOPtoTOP develop into what it is today: an ongoing and successful non-profit organisation helping raise awareness of the effects of climate change, spread the message of a healthy lifestyle, and share positive example for the future!
A special aspect of this celebration, is the participation from students from around the world!!!
On the 10th of August – the Winners of the 2010 TOPtoTOP Global Climate Solution Contest would begin their journey around Switzerland; to learn about the good solutions Switzerland has to offer our environment!!
They are:
Christopher Ngoi – Singapore
Chris wrote a report on wide spread adoption of the current technologies regarding climate change, such as encouraging people to adopt a more vegetarian diet. He aims to look at all the technologies that exist, and reshape them to be more adaptable and accommodating in modern society.
Chris wants to experience first hand the effects of Global Warming in the Swiss Glaciers and explore the different green technologies Switzerland implements. Using this knowledge, he hopes to bring the technology back to Singapore and adapt it to his environment.
Wang Nuan (Debbie) – China
Debbie is studying Environmental Science at Shanghai Jiaotong University. She is working in China to implement a more effective and environmentally friendly waste management system. She is interested in learning more about the implementation of water treatment centres and waste management in Switzerland.
She dreams that one day China will also have an effective recycling program and waste management system. Her aim is to come up with new ideas, and explore the innovation of technology in Europe to implement in her homeland of China, and particularly the city of Shanghai.
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Mohit Agarwal – India

Mohit is an Electrical engineer at IIT Delhi, and enjoys trekking through the Himalayas. He won the competition by writing report on the widespread application of “Organoponic Farming” in cities based on the Cuban Model.
Havana produces 90% of its vegetables within the city using this method of farming. It does not use fertilisers or pesticides, nor does it need any mechanised farming implements like tractors or machinery.
On the trip, he hopes to learn more about the different methods Switzerland uses for farming and agriculture; to bring back the knowledge of the Swiss way of life, and to help find a solution for his homeland of India.
Tiffany Kaesermann – Japan / Australia
Tiffany is studying environmental management, majoring in natural systems and wildlife. She won the TOPtoTOP Global Climate Competition through her amazing report on the Great Barrier Reef. This detailed thesis went into the issues of the effects of climate change on the great barrier reef, the importance of healthy ecosystems, and management strategies to reduce the impact of Global Warming.
In switzerland, she hopes to learn more about the issues regarding melting permafrost, and the glacial melting which will evidently cause global sea levels to rise. In 2008 Tiffany attended an international sustainability conference in Canada as a representative for her school, to bring back more ideas for a sustainable future.
Macarena Sandrock – Chile
Macarena is studying “Conservation of Natural Resources” at University, and won the TOPtoTOP competition by writing a report on Geo-thermal Energy – focusing on Clean solutions for obtaining natural energy.
She hopes to learn about all the different ways that the Swiss government obtains energy, and hopes to come up with some innovative ideas of her own to bring home to South America.
Jacqui Hocking – Australia
Living in one of the countries that may be one of the worst effected by climate change, Jacqui has been an environmental activist for many years. Using documentary as a medium to spread global awareness, she aims to develop initiatives like Plugin TV – a platform for social and environmental documentaries to be broadcast throughout Australia and online. Since meeting the TOPtoTOP expedition in 2008, she has volunteered onboard to film in various countries around to world; to spread the TOPtoTOP message and share all the environmental stories that would otherwise go unheard.
The most harrowing story of this journey so far has been witnessing the environmental devastation affecting Borneo; the habitat for the endangered species of orang-utan.
In switzerland, she hopes to film the TOPtoTOP Solution Contest, and collaborate with each of the winners to compile footage about each of the good solutions they discover; so that they can share the knowledge with their communities back home.
Also attending the competition is Gao Pan from China who met the TOPtoTOP Expediton during the World Expo in Shanghai. Gao is a Civil Engineer, who met Dario at the Swiss Pavillion. After watching the presentation, he was inspired to attend and volunteer during the Competition, and hopes to volunteer again in the future onboard the TOPtoTOP Global Climate Expedition.
He is very interested by the Solar Power solutions in Switzerland, and the way water is used to generate electricity.
Also joining will be Zofie Feytons from China, a media representative following the story of the competition, and specifically of the Chinese participant; Debbie.
We wish everyone the best of luck for the following weeks! Each day, one of the winning students will help to put together the expedition report, keeping a diary of their adventures and the solutions they discover along the way!
So keep in touch!!!!!

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