10.00 am- Started from the camping ground at Maloja.
8 people – Merceds, Anne Marie, Stephan,Chris, Gaopang, Debbie, Tiffany, Mohit (me)
10.45 am- Passed by Salecina. Installation of colourful poles on a dam by contemporary artist GOTIFRIED HONEGGAR could be seen from a distance.
12.15 pm- Reached Lake Cavloc by trek route “963”. It was serene and beautiful. Stopped for lunch.
12.50 pm -Started again
1:30 pm – Into the Forno valley. Saw archeologists on the way. They had found remains of humans from the ice age 10,000 years ago. Mercedes and Tiffany go back to the restaurant at the lake.
2:15 pm — Bridge to cross to the other side of the river Orlegna (Made by the melting Forno glacier).
The tongue of the glacier can be seen 200 metres away.AnneMarie, Debbie and Chris return
3:00 pm- Stephan, Mohit and Gaopan started ascending the mountain to the Forno Hut, after walking on the glacier.
The Forno glacier has actually two ice rivers meeting, and an interseting feature arises because of this- there is a long trail of moraines exactly in the centre of the glacier.
Also, there is distinct line along the valley, running some 40 metres above the glacier which shows how high the glacier was some 200 years back in the little ice age.
4.00 pm – Reach the FornoHut. Altitute- 2574m above sea level(700 m higher than base camp). Eat at the restaurant up in the mountain.
4.45 pm- Start descending.
5. 30pm- Found an old lady (Mrs. Lizbet Farley from Buckinghamshire) who had tripped over, and had a bleeding nose.
Her husband was unaware of her condition as he was a good 200 metres ahead, out of sight. [Important lesson: When in the mountains, never leave ur partner alone]. I summoned the husband(Mr. John Farley) while Stephan and Gaopang helped Lizbet. She was able to walk, so came back with the couple, carrying the lady’s rucksack.
7:45 pm- Stopped to buy cheese at a small alpine cheese factory.
9.00 pm- Back to Maloja.