At 815 today, Dario stood on top of a small hill and started singing. This interesting wakeup call had everyone up by 830 for a filling breakfast and a full day ahead. Today is our last day in Camp Maloja and there is much to do. The remaining member families of ToptoTop will be leaving today and only the students will be left for the expedition in the days ahead.
In the morning, the weather took a turn for the better and we decided to go for some rock climbing on the dam near our base camp. For many of us, it is the first time to scale such a wall. However, many of us did better than expected and some even reached the top of the rock wall. It was an interesting morning filled with many laughter and cheers. There was even a very special moment when the ToptoTop family were all on the wall and racing against each other. It was especially endearing when the couple reached for one another and kissed each other in mid air after the “race”.
When we came back from rock climbing in the afternoon, we proceeded to dismantle most of the tents. This is because it would be better to dismantle the tents now when they are dry instead of tomorrow morning when they are wet. So we packed most of our bags and moved everyone to the kitchen tent where we will spend the night today. After we finished, Mohit and Gao went to the lake for a swim. Debbie, Zofie, and me went to retrace our steps in the morning to search for Zofie’s jacket.
Finally in the evening, we ended the night with a hike to the nearest village beside the lake with a yummy plate of spaghetti and a stunning view of the surrounding.
In a final note, we would like to show our sincere gratitude to the members of the Camping Plan Curtinac Maloja-namely Flurina, Max, Claudio, Malvina, and Tony. They were really helpful and made our stay in the base camp extremely enjoyable and comfortable. Personally they were really nice as they helped me fix my broken flip flops numerous times. That is on top of the many aid they give to our expedition mates. In conclusion, thank you very much!