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Today we woke up early, because we were going to Jungfraujoch for the weekend, so we
had to take some trains. In the station we met a tourist guide, Ronald, who explained us some stories of the mountains while we were in the train. He gave us a little tourist book, which had a lot of information about the mountains, railways, and about the research that are being done in the labs up in the mountain. When we arrived, we met other guide, Toni, who showed us some of the installations of the place. Toni explained us how the railways reuse the kinetic energy to transform it in electricity, so when a train goes down the mountain it provides energy to the train that has to go up. I personally think that this method is very productive and intelligent way of recycling. Then, we saw all the process for obtaining water. This was very special, because they use the ice like water resource. They melt ice and purified it to make it drinkable and also they transport some water with the train. The reason is because they are far away of some water supply. The waste water is store and transported through a pipe down to the Kleine Scheidegg, that does not get frozen, because of some heating systems installed in the pipe.
Later we went to the ice palace, were they have a lot of nice sculpture of ice. In a special
room covered from ice we had a little cocktail and then we went to lunch. We ate in one of the restaurants. In the afternoon, Felix and his wife showed us the research labs at top of the mountain. They are working in the Sphinx two weeks a month, doing weather observation. There are also working some other measures, like the amount of molecules in the atmosphere, how fast the glacier is moving, and the amount of particles in the atmosphere. There was also a telescope to do astronomy observations but now is not being used. This lab is an important contribution to the environmental research. All the information obtained from the weather observations goes to the forecasting center in Zurich.
In the end we walked to the Monchs hut, were we had a warm dinner and slept over.
What really amazed me was the idea of recycling electricity for the trains. That is something I’m wondering if it can be used for the elevators in every building, that could be a very good way of reusing the energy by using physics.