Day 15 ~ Christopher (Indoor Obstacle Course)

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Everyone woke up early today…to blow balloons for Noi’s 1st birthday! Due to the bad weather a few days back, we were unable to hike down the Aletsch Glacier. Hence everyone had time to work on their presentation in the morning. Breakfast started with a happy birthday song and a brief from Dario describing what needs to be done today.
Macarena and Mohit proceeded downstairs and worked on a short amazing cartoon clip about ToptoTop. Everyone else also made use of the much needed time to work on the upcoming presentation. Despite the lack of activity today, we still had our hands full with the preparation. Pictures were consolidated and sorted for those who need it and structures were created for the presentations.
After lunch, most of us went to an indoor obstacle course near the tourist information office. It was a piece of cake especially after our numerous experiences in the gorges and with glaciers. However it was interesting to note that this obstacle course was built on top of an ice hockey stadium. This interesting and effective use of space created profits for the building and environment. Resources can be shared and used efficiently.
Finally, we headed back for a really good pasta dinner. Sabine also took the time to create three cakes for Noi’s Birthday. There were the flavors of Tiramisu, Fruit Yogurt, and chocolate cake. We sang happy birthday and quickly finished the delicious cakes.
To end the day perfectly, Roland joined our celebration at night with a big surprise for all of us. He gave each of us a piece of crystal and a stone that contains gold. Since he roams the Alps frequently, he took up the collection of these precious stones as a hobby. We were honored to have him share the night with us and especially happy to receive such wonderful gifts. It was a perfect piece of object to remind us about the beauty of this region and lovely memories created here. Thank you Roland!

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