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2010-10_india_best (3).JPG In the last time we were busy to visit rural schools and schools in the slums in the Bangalore area. Thanks to swissnex India based in Bangalore we made a change in their daily life. Swissnex organised also some interviews. Read the article here.
2010-10_india_best (5).JPG The Government Children’s Home was a place we never have seen before! This prison for kids has no toilet!! We will try our best to get Geberit involved to supply with toilets. Luckily there is a local NGO, Peace Child India. They try to find the parents of these poor kids, who normally got kidnapped by kids dealers in Northern India and Nepal and send to Southern India to “work”. When they can escape they are on the streets in the big cities where they get cached by the police and send to prison.
2010-10_india_best (7).JPG Clean up in Coxtown
2010-10_india_best (9).JPG Slumschool in Coxtown, a Swiss initiative!
2010-10_india_best (10).JPG Thanks to swissnex India, all was very well organized. Many thanks to Janis, Rebecca and Silvia!
2010-10_india_best (11).JPG While Dario, Sabine and Noé were busy in the schools around Bangalore, Salina and Andri joined Gaia Preschool
2010-10_india_best (12).JPG We visited mostly schools in the slums
2010-10_india_best (13).JPG Noé starts receiclying
2010-10_india_best (15).JPG Drawing contest at the Dream School
2010-10_india_best (18)crop.jpg Still alive!
2010-10_india_best (17).JPG Colourful India
2010-10_india_best (19).JPG Indian traffic!
2010-10_india_best (20).JPG Proud students of Vikasana, a rural center of education, after a cean up.
2010-10_india_best (21).JPG We were able to stay in Silvia Hostettler’s house in Bangalore, head of swissnex, where Salina, Andri and Noé had a great time with Noé and Ela. Thank you very much.

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