Koh Rock Nok

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2010-12_koh-rock-nock (1).JPGSalina diving in Koh Rock Nok
Many thanks to all TOPtoTOP members who paid the annual membership to Gabi in time!
Sorry that it took a while to write this report. But we were extremely busy with Noe’s disease and the maintenance of the boat. Since the last 3 weeks we are back in the TOPtoTOP routine: First we relaxed after the stress from the last weeks and the busy year with Everest, World Expo Shanghai, Award Expedition, pregnancy etc. and then started cleaning beaches and making contacts to schools again. Read more:
2010-12_koh-rock-nock (35).JPGClean up Koh Rock Nok Island
2010-12_koh-rock-nock (58).JPGSanta and the kids on SY Styrr together with their friend Ann
2010-12_koh-rock-nock (27).JPG
Noe is back on Pachamama after he was repatriated to Switzerland by the REGA for one month, because of his dangerous Kawasaki disease. Even it was a hard time for the whole family, the kids had like this the opportunity to have an early Santa and the experience of the first snow. Many thanks goes to to our parents, who supported us with a lot of love (Neni). Together with the International Hospital in Phuket and the Children’s Hospital in Zurich, they might be the reason of Noe’s fast recovery. Now Noe needs from time to time an ultra sound of his heart. Next time it will be mid January.
Meanwhile on Pachamama in Thailand there was time for maintenance and install new panels for testing. Thanks to Sika and Sunware we had the right products to do so. Read more in the next report.
There was big joy when the family was reunited again and we decided to sail to the remote island Koh Rock Nok in the Andaman Sea.
2010-12_koh-rock-nock (24).JPG
The project was to free this remote island from the plastic bottles, which were washed on the shore. But even with the help of some locals and tourist, we were only able to make a start and clean a small part. So, we have to go there again with more hands helping. As soon as our volunteers Johannes and Eliane will arrive at Xmas we go there again to finish the work.
2010-12_koh-rock-nock (44).JPG
2010-12_koh-rock-nock (64).JPG
There was also a rumor that Santa is on the island! Indeed, – soon after the arrival of our friends on SY Styrr, Santa showed up and Andri was able to show Santa how strong he is.
2010-12_koh-rock-nock (55).JPG
On the island we went exploring and climbed the highest cliff. We also discovered some interesting animals in the rain forest.
2010-12_koh-rock-nock (37).JPG
Every morning the kids had school with teacher Sabine and a swim in the breaks. Salina lost her first teeth and learned the “R” at the beach.
2010-12_koh-rock-nock (38).JPG
Now we are on the way to Koh Phonak and finally to Yacht Haven to prepare for Xmas. We did more clean ups on the islands on the way North and enjoyed the climbing on the cliffs.
2010-12_koh-rock-nock (86).JPG
2010-12_koh-rock-nock (98).JPG
2010-12_koh-rock-nock (102).JPG
We wish you all a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year. Thank you so much for supporting the TOPtoTOP project in 2010. We promise to give our best again in 2011, so that our planet has a great future. Hope to see you on Clean-Up-Kilimanjaro in July/August….

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