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At the moment we are visiting schools in Langkawi Island in Malaysia.
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Thanks to the Langkawi Yacht Club we have a perfect base. Like this, students are able to visit the expedition boat and study all the environmentally friendly technology.
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The students and all the people are very friendly and welcome and we feel very safe and accepted in this Moslem culture.
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Before, – on the Royal Langkawi Regatta there was not much wind. Our expedition boat needs wind because Pachamama is heavy with all the expedition material and was also in need of a renewed underwater.
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At the celebration of the regatta the kids were happy to get a price donated from a high performance racing boat. But the best for Salina and Andri was to meet the princess of Malaysia at the final party. They even got an invitation to her palace.
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The underwater we did finally in Rebak with the help of Johannes and Eliane. Salina was ill, but Andri was a great worker and became friend of the pilot of the travel lift. Living on board was different: We had a great view from so high up, but couldn’t use the toilets because of the painted underwater.
Meanwhile Sabine went with Noé to do a heart ultra sound. The heart was o.k., but there is still a risk in the first months so that we decided not to do a long ocean passage yet. Means that we have now a lot of time to visit schools in Malaysia, Thailand and hopefully Myanmar. We plan to depart for South Africa after our 4th child is born.
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Solar tourist boats – another good example at Mermaid Lake
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students on Pachamama
Thank you Eliane and Johannes participating on the expedition and sharing 238 nm!

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