Collision with submerged log

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2011-03_phuket-langkawi (9).JPGon the way South
Yesterday on the 21st of March at 14 h we had a collision with submerged huge log coming South towards Singapore. max. diameter is approx. 400 mm, and the total length is approx. 6000 with a approx. 8000 mm branch going out in a right angle.
2011-03_phuket-langkawi (58).JPGsubmerged log draged at the beach after the collision
2011-03_phuket-langkawi (55).JPGimpact visible on the tree, but not on the boat because of murky water conditions
2011-03_phuket-langkawi (14).JPGNoé, Salina, Andri looking for a leakage in every corner of the boat
Yesterday we sailed approx. 40 nm from Koh Lipeh to Langkawi, Malaysia. We set sail at around 6 a.m. and had scattered weather with some squalls but far winds. Sailing up the channel towards Kuah harbor we run 8.5 kn/h thanks to the current pushing us.
About 1 nm before the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club we heard a loud “bung” and Pachamama came to a sudden stop. The depth sounder was showing still 9 m. So the cause was not a grounding. The sails produced not sufficient power and I put the engine on with full revs to assist but was only able to get about 0.5 kn/h out of the boat.
So we were in emergency mode and it was a good test that shows that we are still a good team in such circumstances and ready in no time; … even though Sabine is now coming into the 9th month of her pregnancy!
Sabine prepared the anchor in case we cannot maneuver and handling the fenders and stay sail while I was busy on the helm and trying to get the max from the motor.
We just managed to get to the first peer and were safe.
Dario went diving immediately, but the water was so murky. He couldn’t see his hands in front of his face in this water. Diving down to the keel he touched something huge. Mean while Sabine prepared 3 ropes. Dario attached them around the log and Sabine was winching while Dario was pushing. After some exhausting work they managed to free the keel and prop shaft from the log.
We called the marina and they came with a motor boat to drag the log on shore where it became visible at low tide.
We do not know at this moment how much damage this collision with the submerged log caused to Pachamama. It will be difficult to examine because the waters around Langkawi are always murky and because of La Nina we have an early rainy season this year causing even less visibility.
2011-03_phuket-langkawi (23).JPGBest fish so far on Koh Lipeh Island
Just before on the way South we invited Noé’s doctor Partiya (Kawasaki desease) on Pachamama in Nai Harn Bay.
120 nm further South we had a 3 days rest on Koh Lipeh Island in Thailand and met Walter Rupp, the father of my friend Aischan who died on the 10th of February 1997 on the descent of Matterhorn after climbing the North Face. We had a very warm welcome and a lot of memories to share.
Dario needed to be operated by Sabine because he stood into a sea urchin. Afterwards Sabine, Salina and Dario enjoyed a Thai massage.
2011-03_phuket-langkawi (18).JPG

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