Please make 2 promises today:
1. Do not use plastic bags anymore when you go shopping!
2. Please convince your friend to do the same and ask him to convince also somebody to do so.
Watch the movie send by our member Ester Hörnlimann about the life of a plastic bag and the Great Pacific Garbage Patch!
Watch also the movie of the impact of plastic to the giant Pacific Albatross send by our member Michael Thatcher!
Here some more pictures from the great event at NTU University:
2011-04-14_singapore_swissnex_ntu_0001.JPGArrival of the Swiss Ambassador Juerg Reding and Prof. Bertil Andersson, NTU President-Designate
Thumbnail image for 2011-04-14_singapore_swissnex_ntu_0003.JPGWelcome from Suzanne Hraba Renevey, swissnex
Presentation from Dario Schwoerer, TOPtoTOP
2011-04-14_singapore_swissnex_ntu_0007.JPGPanel discussion