Our TOPtoTOP guarantor, Erhard died on Thursday (27.5.2011) in a climbing fall in western Switzerland. He was 52.
Loretan had been leading a client up the summit ridge of the Gruenhorn, a peak in the Bernese Alps, when they fell. Loretan died at the scene. His 38-year-old Swiss client was flown to a hospital and is in serious condition.
Erhard became the guarantor of TOPtoTOP in 2000 in Friburg, just some month after TOPtoTOP was founded in November 1999 in Wangs. Since then Erhard assited TOPtoTOP with his wise advises. He may was the most talented Swiss mountain guide and became the only third climber to reach the summit of all 14 of the world’s peaks above 8,000 meters (26,247 feet) without bottled oxygen.
He was known to favor quick, lightweight expeditions that minimized the time in which he was exposed to danger. His 1986 ascent of Mount Everest in a night-time push took him just 40 hours.
He was not only an excellent climber and friend; – he was above all a very nice person with a big heart! We miss you, Erhard ….
We ask all members in honor and memory of Erhard for a minute’s silence.