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2011-05-18_geburt-alegra (127).JPGTOPtoTOP Asia president Chris on the helm while relocating Pachamama to RSYC together with Michael. Soon after this picture was taken, there was a squall and we needed the radar to make a safe passage in the heavy traffic of Singapore harbor.
Outlook: next major TOPtoTOP events:
TOPtoTOP Asia founding Ceremony in Singapore at the RSYC on the 13th of August 2011
Clean up Kilimanjaro Expedition 2011: Check our position thanks to tracker and where we are cleaning!
World Climate Conference in Durban South Africa, from the 28th of November till the 9th of December 2011
Earth Summit in Rio from the 4th to the 6th of June 2012
… and in between we have two big Oceans to cross: the Southern Indian Ocean and the Southern Atlantic Ocean, approx. 12’000 nm!!
Review and thank you:
Because everything was so busy when Alegra was born, we like to thank you all and specially Anna, milk man Robert, Chris, Ginny, family Steiner, family Preisig, family Thatcher, family Subodh Mhaisalkar for the big help. Here only a brief, uncompleted summary of the intense time till now. We are at the moment in preparation mode for the big events above and the next cycling, climbing and sailing legs.
2011-05-18_geburt-alegra (21).JPGBest example we found just before Alegra was born: Mr. Tang’s mobile recycling facility.
2011-05-18_geburt-alegra (124).JPGSandra and Peter from the Swiss consulate in Singapore issued Alegra’s passport in no time!
To issue the birth certificate in Singapore when you are living on a boat, was unique to the Singapore officials. But like the other 3 kids, also Alegra has now “Pachamama” in her birth certificate.
2011-05-18_geburt-alegra (126).JPGTOPtoTOP Singapore members in training for the next school event: Dominique is using Annemarie’s costume.
Thumbnail image for 2011-05-18_geburt-alegra (132).JPGAnna our friend and best helper in the final stage of the pregnancy and in the first days of Alegra.
2011-05-18_geburt-alegra (140).JPGAlegra first time on Pachamama.
We used the short time in Switzerland also to meet with CEO’s of best practice examples and representatives of the Swiss government to organize the next Solution Award Expedition and the next major events in South Africa and Brazil.
Last month we worked also on a new, more interactive design of the TOPtoTOP website. Thanks to all involved in that process, special thanks goes to Kathrin and Daniel from Internezzo, Natalia from Global Arena, Jürg from push&pull and Thomas.
In between we enjoyed the baptism of Alegra on Mount Gonzen and the opportunity to see our family and friends: Andy and Vandy, Jean-Marc, cousins at the wedding of Gian-Polo; Nicole, my godfather Pin, Oma, Neni, Armanda and Franz
…but the magic moment was when our grand grand mother Tata had Alegra in her arms. – 3 generations united: Alegra – Nona – Tata. That’s the secret of life and drives us to build on a sustainable future for our magic planet earth!
2011-06_ch_taufe-alegra (148).JPGThere is exact one century in between Nona’s and Alegra’s hands!

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