More pictures here!
Important note: Please do not forget to donate for the TOPtoTOP Maasai Project!
Short description of project: Catching water from the roofs of Loiborsoit primary school in tanks. Distribution of water through pipes. Water will be mainly used for washing and cooking in the school kitchen. No such intallation exists up to now for the about 650 pupils. CHF 11’000.- are needed to build a sustinable system. For donations please contact Markus Heeb ( Please download costs (Excel).
TOPtoTOP already did a recycling workshop and clean up and donated 4000 text books to the school.
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Highlights from the Official Founding Ceremony of TOPtoTOP Asia, based in Singapore; – a chapter of the TOPtoTOP Global Climate Expedition. Filmed by Claude Verly at the Republic of Singapore Yacht Club: click here! Event Poster.
2011-07-08_africa-ch-singapore (392).JPG
Next major events are the World Climate Conference in November 2011 in South Africa and the World Earth Summit in Rio, Brazil in June 2012. But first we have to sail over the South Indian Ocean and after cross the South Atlantic Ocean.

Pachamama optimized by NTU
Wang Zizhen and Dr Tan Yen Kheng from the NTU Univerity of Singapore exchanged yesterday the halogen lighting to a LED lighting system:
1. Original Halogen lighting system consumed 18.5 Amperes of current
2. LED lighting system consumed 5.7 Amperes of current
This is a great achievement with around 3.3 times reduction in power consumption. We are sure Dario and his family can enjoy the fruit of this ERI@N technology contribution! The next step is to exchange also the navigation lights and the lights in the technical compartments of the boat.
Thanks to Horizon and NTU, Pachamama has now also a fuell cell facility. Dr. Ding Ovi Lian, the fuel cell program manager of NTU installed it in the last 2 days.
Tree planting for Alegra
On the 17th of August at 6 p.m. we planted a rain tree at the Swiss Club above Alegra’s placenta with all the people, who became close friends to us during our stay in Singapore. Heinz Iten from the Swiss Club ofered us a drink and godmother Cinthya and godfather Chris organized some chocolate cake, so that we were able to celebrate Noe’s bithday. He became 2 years old on the 15th of August on Pachamama.
The event at the Swiss Club was a great event to say thank you to all our loved Singaporen friends and say goodbye…
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TOPtoTOP Camp in Maloya

We would also say thank you to Lucia, who organized a wonderful TOPtoTOP family camp 2011 again at the campground in Maloja. The TOPtoTOP board decided to do this every year end of July/begin of August.
2011-07-08_africa-ch-singapore (320)-small.jpg
Finaly thank you to our parents for their love and help. It was great to see all again and celebrate Nona coming in her 100 year of life.
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