We arrived in Cocos Keeling

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20110830_cocoskeeling_family_tree.jpgWe had a great send off from our Singaporean and Swiss friends at the Republic of Singapore Yacht Club on the morning of August 21st and have sailed non-stop to Cocos Keeling; arriving on August 30th. We have a clean-up planned with a local school tomorrow.
Our route from Singapore to Cocos
This is Alegra’s first voyage with us on the Pachamama and with the rest of the family we are accompanied by Michael Thatcher & Dominique Gabella – Swiss friends based in Singapore.
It’s been a good leg with particularly good winds since we made it into the Indian Ocean. The travel down through Indonesian waters had some heavy traffic at times, including fishing boats, nets, tugs with barges, ships and perhaps most ‘exciting’ coming into a group of twenty or more small fishing boats just after sunset that had no lights and were practically invisible!
Highlights of the trip have been:
Our 10th wedding anniversary on the 25th of August
Sailing past Krakatoa at sunset on the 26th
Connecting with the Vigar and Liz Beth, a Norwegian couple, also crossing over to South Africa on their boat the Pamona
We’d like to extend our special thanks to the Swiss Embassy and Swissnex in Singapore for connecting us with LCDR Jean-Michel Kergoat who is helping us avoid Pirates on this journey!
We will spend the next 24hours here in Cocos Keeling and then continue to Rodrigues Island tomorrow!

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