Rodrigues Island

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We arrived in Rodrigues early in the morning of September 13th and departed early on the 15th.  It was a short but very eventful visit. 

Dario was able to give a presentation  to the students of “Rodrigues College” on the 14th; a brilliant group of students full of questions about how they can also help improve and protect the environment.  Rodrigues is a very special place with an unspoiled beauty that is rare.

Students from Rodrigues College visit Pachamama

Students from Rodrigues College visit Pachamama









Later that that day the Schoewer family visited the Francois Leguat Giant Tortoise & Cave Reserve located in the south-west of the island in Anse Quitor. The reserve is an excellent example of environmental protection and awareness building with an 19-hectare nature reserve with endemic flora and fauna of the Island and over 1100 giant Aldabra tortoises including 150 new-born tortoises which is ensuring the longevity of the species and this location.   The center provides researchers and students access to these unique creatures as well as historical documentation and materials dating back many years as well as a wonderful visiting experience for multiple generations.

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