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2011-10_la-reunion (98)r.jpgRiviere des Galets
2011-10_la-reunion (94)r.jpgSchool at Grande Place, Mafate, La Reunion Island
On Dario’s birthday we went to Mafate. It is a huge crater, with peaks and deep gorges. You can access this paradise only by your own legs. It took us 2 hours two the first settlement “Cayenne”, where we stayed on the camp ground “Chez Jeff” (phone: 06 92 34 39 99) and celebrated Dario’s birthday Sunday evening.
2011-10_la-reunion (82)r.jpgThe birthday cake which Michael and Dominique had secretly carried up the mountain earlier that day
In total there are 8 schools in Mafate. On Monday we visited “Ecole Leonard Thomas” on the Ilet de Grand Place. After our workshop we did a cleanup.
2011-10_la-reunion (92)r.jpgThe “lions” where the winners and collected the most plastic on the school yard.
2011-10_la-reunion (96)r.jpg
Maryse is a great teacher. Thanks to her the children learn how to cultivate their own vegetables and fruits in the garden of the school. Each student has his own garden.
2011-10_la-reunion (74)r.jpgThe people here really live in an unspoiled and peaceful environment. They are healthy people, producing their own food. The most important they are happy. They do not need more. Their life style stands for an example for all of us how we can live in harmony with nature and be happy! Congratulation Mafate, – a solution for the whole world to reduce CO2 emissions and become happier!
2011-10_la-reunion (70)r.jpgSalina and Andri playing in clean water
2011-10_la-reunion (71)r.jpgMatterhorn also in La Reunion
2011-10_la-reunion (100)r.JPGremote hiking paths
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Dominique and Michael met this man on their way up carrying bags of garbage down from the mountain – another great example of the strong feeling for protecting nature felt and acted on by the people here.
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They also did their own cleanup coming down the mountain.
Finally it was a great birthday! …and specially Dario and Alegra happy and tired